3 days

To begin…A throwback from where it all began.

This is at the Artistic Rollerskating World Championships 2010-Portugal (my ‘sleeping beauty’ routine-explains the storyline)

Current fundraising total: $1368.70

Things are all coming together! As someone with highly poor navigation and orientation skills I’m glad to say I now have a working phone and battery with x3 lives backup for GPS…although I am still preparing myself to get verrry lost -between country roads, bike paths and whatever other routes I find myself on…Anyone a wiz with mapping? Nothing like abit of last minute planning! 😉

I recently read this on a cycling forum regarding the “Sustrans” route ill be following which gives me..great…hope…..? “it took me to places i would never have gone…and dumped my in a swamp with some vague forlorn hope there was a bridge to cross the river…That part of the cycle route i did was clearly designed by a sadist motorist with a psychotic hatred of cyclists.” Confidence levels: High(naarrrt!)

Update: heading to Hastings for the starting point Sunday 14th to begin skating Monday 15th

Thanks once again for all your donations and support! I’m off to change my wheels..


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