Day 1: Hastings-Brighton(41miles/66km)

What a great start! A relatively smooth rolling day! That is the road surfaces as well as the events which occurred. Lots of narrow empty country back roads through farms and fields made for long stretches of pleasant views and peaceful sounds. Besides a few sections of walking where it wasn’t fit for skating, the roads and pathways were skate-able and well signposted. Not many wrong turns; little to no aggression from drivers; lovely landscape and a couple of particularly awesome downhills! Seven hours later my legs are very sore so it was nice to finish in a familiar place I call home, and to also celebrate Daisy’s birthday with a low key dinner(after my cold/hot bath and stretching!!)


Pictured below: the beautiful country roads; trees; National cycle network Route 2 sign I’m following; “you know when your in the countryside when…horse droppings; vegetable dahl and salad birthday dinner; **note the narrowness struggle; sunrise










7 thoughts on “Day 1: Hastings-Brighton(41miles/66km)

  1. Wow! Thank you very much for sharing your incredible journey with the world! We’ll look forward to reading your posts each day! Safe travels, and thank you for raising money for the beautiful Orangutans. I hope people are/have been very generous.


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