Day 3: Portsmouth-Southampton(25miles/40km)

A mini sleep in this morning(7am) followed by a tasty light breakfast set me off for a cruisy, easy going day. Other than skating into the wind it was a relaxing journey with stretches of smooth paths, 2 short ferry rides, and many stops to soak up the sunshine; taking advantage of the time to rest and move at a leisurely pace. May I add that a stranger also gave me her ticket for free; as did a someone buy me a drink yesterday(juice) and tonight I’m being hosted by an awesome cyclist and his sweet family through WS. Each day I’m appreciating more and more the pleasure of a warm shower as well as getting inspired to do future cycling and adventure trips! Although the day did not go by without straying from the course and being re-routed, each time it happens I end up gaining something from the detour whether it be a lovely smooth open back road, a path lined with lush overgrown trees or the virtue of acceptance.

Thank YOU for following and supporting me!









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