Day 4: Southampton-Highcliffe(27miles/43km)

Another short skate today made me almost feel lazy…untill I think back to the killer of day 2 and distance with hills to come!
I was lead out of the city and into the New Forest guided by my super host Harry. At this point there was faint thunder and dark clouds so after making some ground eventually had to seek shelter. The rain passed over and I continued deeper into the forest through woodland and heathland. The scenery is absolutely indescribable with wild ponies, donkeys, cows and geese peacefully wandering across the land and roads interacting calmly and lovingly with one another or passers by. Some donkeys befriended me as I sat eating almonds and they gently acknowledged for me to share with them. I proceeded to do so untill they started to mistaken my hand as edible and I thought they were going to step on top of me in affection for food.
It was a blissful day! Also…
✔️Long smooth open roads
👍Forgiving traffic(I assume this was as they had to be with all the animals crossing…so what’s another random on the road)
👪Staying the night with extended family











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