Day 5: Highcliffe-Dorchester(43miles/69km)

This morning started off slow with some light thunder and rain that cleared quickly but left the roads really slippery. I ended up walking for a bit then skated along the seaside promenade before finding myself on a sandy gravel path to head inland. It’s times like this that cycle routes don’t work for skating. So with little option the skates came off and I set off through some countryside where upon reaching road again I realised I’d left my high vis jacket behind. This was a sad moment as id become quite attached to the vest that was keeping me safe and identified; that I spent each night re sewing the poorly tacked letters onto. But by this time I was well behind schedule, as for various factors the morning hadn’t gained momentum. Anyway after beginning to walk back to fetch it I decided to be detached from it. At this point I didn’t feel like I was getting anywhere(and really wanted my vest) but set off onto some long quiet country roads which turned my on the brink tears of weakness to joy as I strode through miles of open forest with smooth tarmac, no one in sight and trees trees trees. Euphoric! Heading up afew hills I had a craving for fruit, and then there on the side of the road were endless blackberries. Yum! Also: found my running high vis top which had been sitting in my bag I forgot about. So ups and downs but at the end of the day I’m left with great memories.
Staying with a couchsurfing host tonight who I spent a lovely evening and meal with before he left his flat for me while he visits his partner and kids for the weekend. The generosity of hospitality exchange warms my heart and I’m enjoying doing some surfing after a busy summer of hosting!

G’night all! And thank you once again for your encouragement which is powering me through!









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