Day 6: Dorchester-Seaton/Bridport(40miles/64km)

Oh my dear followers..what stories I have for you today…before I go on: note that today was the one night I couldn’t find a host through couchsurfing or warm showers. I had an idea of where I wanted to go but was planning on taking it as it comes…well that sure is what I did..let’s keep in mind that the part of the country I travelled through today had very little cities or towns. 90% of my day was travelling through pure open countryside. Which was by the way divine.

It all started when I put my skates on this morning and…my skate didn’t bearings have been through a lot these past days, sand and whatever else. This is something I thought would be ok; I’ll just clean the bearings when I finish I thought; be reckless with your skates for once! No need to savour them for anything! just get through this journey!! Well that’s when I made a phone call to Asha(Kirby; founder of skatefresh) aka: my English Susan Brooks(both of which I could list numerous titles for but let’s just say two amazing influential people who have created successful businesses in the skating world)

Originally I asked her about cleaning methods but instead she sent me on a mission for multiple sets of new bearings. Off came one wheel with the completely seized bearing and after much googling and many phone calls I found myself skating to Bridport with a three wheeled skate. Here I managed to rotate my one set of wheels id been meaning to do the past nights, amongst changing the bearings and getting some tips from the guys at the bike shop. With 6 hours until darkness I planned to spend the night in Seaton where I knew of a hostel.

The rest of the day was spent getting there..hill..after hill…after hill!!! And windy narrow country roads which yes were lovely and smooth but impossible to gain speed at all on when considering there are cars and trucks possibly around each tight corner.

I did make it to Seaton. Only to discover that it was in fact a Saturday night and the one hostel I had in mind was booked out. Hours of further googling and calling and considering a wiiiide variety of different options eventually led me to almost leaving the town for elsewhere but then missing that bus(watching it drive by!) which I was told was the last.
I was craving a shower, blanket and cup of tea. Traveling with so little on my back, sleeping anywhere on that coastal town was going to be so cold.

I’m going to wrap this up now.
Yet another bus passed through I saw and ran over.
I met a young hippy couple living like gypsies moving and traveling around from place to place and got on the bus with them back in the direction I came(Bridport where I stopped for the skate maintenance) to her mums house. I got my blanket and cup of tea:)

I hope this was entertaining and readable.
My mind has shutdown.

I’m exhausted.

Mental note to self: get into downhill skating someday


Photos featured: the first was after climbing a massive hill to which would of had a superb view, if only there were no mist. Check out the dirt in those bearings! And how brilliant is the rabbit painted into the grass










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