Day 7: Axminster-Dawlish(47miles/76km)

I sure had my doubts about did everyone I spoke to!! Higher than ever!!!
Determination sure got me far. Besides the first couple days, the mental challenge has been tougher than the physical…

I set off from the house to the bus station early where I took it to Axminster-the point at which yesterday’s skating met today’s route. Not ready to face the road or hills yet i splurged on some green tea in the warmth of a cafe. Until now I’ve been managing to live off £1.50 a day. Are you proud dad? Aleesha can budget!

Sooo what was I up for today? One thing was certain…Mooore hiiiils!!!! I have definitely become accustomed to them. It doesn’t change the fact that they take an extra amount of time and effort! But some great climbs and magnificent views makes it well worthwhile. They describe Devon(“deep valley”) as ‘mostly rural with soft landscapes in the south, and the highest cliffs in all of the United Kingdom.’ Upon reading this I nodded towards my phone.

Feeling revitalised I stepped out to blue sky, and within just 2 minutes of skating out of town(with naked hands as I left my wrist guards at the bus stop) I was in the countryside breathing in fresh air with warm rays of sunshine beaming down. My mind was cleared, being soothed by nature. The following few hours were spent going in circles trying to find an alternate route to the major roads and through the back lanes. I ended up back in Seaton(the very last place I finished skating the day before) and studied my poorly detailed paper cycle map hard.

Leaving at 2pm I had 38miles(61km) to make up. Understandable why people I passed lacked faith in me and were apprehensive towards my endeavour. This is where I throw in the most cliche saying ever, only because it got me to my “unattainable” goal: DONT.GIVE.UP..whatever you do just keep rolling! I vowed to keep stops as short and least frequent possible maximising all time possible. It was a race against the sun! Through muddy tracks, twisting narrow roads, hill after hill I crossed stunning landscapes.
With a couple hours of sunlight remaining I stepped onto the longest, widest stretch of lovely tarmac cycle path I’ve experienced, and skated alongside a magnificent lake while the sun set. Running with skates in hand through the open section and guessing my way in the pitch black(traffic free) I arrived at my destination to more welcoming hosts and a shower to clean my past 2 days of sweat and dirt off.
Completely buzzing I couldn’t sleep at all for hoouuurs!
Last day tomorrow!!

Photos: not many due to the restriction on stops but the old telephone box below was in the middle of a park housing books to borrow!






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