Day 8: Dawlish-Plymouth(47miles/76km

My last day of the journey felt much like yesterday’s…racing against the sun after a challenging morning. My vague non detailed map and imperfect navigation skills have been the number one setback time wise each day.(Second would be surface)

The first half of today was through high hedged lanes and the uncultivated Dartmoor National Park, southern Britain’s largest and highest upland. Crossing down the far east I passed Haytor Rock and granite hilltops amongst bright green, yellow and bronze moorland. The dramatic landscape caught me thinking twice about where I was in the world!
The road I followed was extremely open and fortunately quiet, free of walking groups and tourists I passed at the landmark. Such tranquility.
On my way down to the tiny towns I sat behind a cyclist around the downhill corners so was able to enjoy the ride at speed without fear or too much judgment of oncoming traffic(besides estimating more stopping distance than them on the bike with brakes)

Trying to find the cycle track by the busy main roads was a back and fourth battle thanks to terrible signage. After an hour of confusion and frustration I found myself on
the direct way to Plymouth, which was now pleasantly clearly labeled.(The route I’ve been following this journey is new so has many big open sections which have no indicators. I could hardly ever rely on them at all)

Starting my final battle with hills and rough surface I came up with more techniques to conquer the heights, attempting to take some pressure off my heavy legs. Towards the city the way flattened out and I rejoiced entering Plymouth before sunset!

FINISHED!! 8 incredible days…Thank you for your support and following me! I appreciate that your interested in my journey but please be aware of why I did it. The Bornean orangutan is facing high risk of extinction and the Orangutan Project are a small ethical company doing amazing work against that happening. Can you spare a tenner? fiver?? The smallest of donations add up so jump over to

I’ll be sharing follow up posts shortly! But for now some rest…







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