The end-ish

Total mileage: 321(517km)

Hello all! I’m back in Brighton after a wonderful week-plus recovery, wandering and visiting various places and people in the UK. I discovered my final destination Plymouth was a lovely place despite knowing nothing about it before arriving. I spent a day rolling throughout the city on an express tour of all areas. Once purchasing a couple of essentials including a £1 jumper(only having my few skating clothes with me) and book I then took advantage of being in the south west to Explore the beauteous Cornwall. Known for its natural wonders I spent time walking and regaining my previously lost appetite. I met someone where I was staying who knew some hidden gems so stuck around there for some time as they showed me around. Then I made my way to the corner of the country where there were very few people, and I was the only under 50year old in the sweet little hostel. It was perfect! A well needed sleep in and chill time to leisurely hike and relax felt great. From Cornwall I then traveled back across the country and up to visit some family for hiking in the Peak District, stopping for afew hours in Bristol on the way where I found the greatest not-for-profit bike café and workshop ‘Roll for the Soul’. Highly recommended!

The fundraising total currently stands at $1078.70
Thank you for all the new donations and a special thanks to my hosts along the way for contributing to an incredible experience!!

But it’s not quite the end yet..stay tuned for further posts!




Post-skate shop







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