Hello followers! As the “skate” has been completed Blading for Borneo as a project is coming to an end, but this doesn’t mean there will be nothing to follow!

Tomorrow I am flying to Borneo to spend some time with the people, wilderness and orangutans of Sarawak. I will keep you updated on my experience and the current situation there to share how valuable your input is. The donations have been transferred coming to a total of $1713.70AUD

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the journey and project. I shall post shortly about my trip and goals for the future.
The crowdfunding page is still active and accepting further donations.
The Orangutan Project rely on donations or funds from volunteers to run so please give generously.

Here is an interview I did that I’ve included as it didn’t make publication:

Tell me about your skating trip. What are you doing?
Inline skating solo across the south coast of England 517km in 8 days. Covering an average distance of 64km per day

Logistically how does it work? What are you carrying/where are you staying etc?
Carrying as very little as possible, bare minimals including one other outfit/maps/backup battery. Being hosted by people through the hospitality exchange website and also the equivalent for touring cyclists( which made the trip a lot easier(originally I was going to camp) but in this case it allowed me to meet people with similar interests, have somewhere stable to sleep comfortably, eat and wash clothes, recharge phone ect

Why did you decide to skate across England?
To see a large part of the country I havn’t explored

Why did you choose the route you did?
 The route was inspired by a national cycle route(which is still being constructed so was sign posted in places but also had many open sections)
I wanted a distance that would be challenging and to also explore a diversity of landscape. I faced a variety of tough situations many hills, narrow winding country lanes and big busy roads

What town did you start/finish in and when?
Hastings, East Sussex- to Plymouth, Devon on the 15th-22nd September

What’s your connection to the orang-utan sanctuary?
I recently had the opportunity to take part in the Orangutan Project on the island of Borneo, one of the world
’s biodiversity hotspots. Here I engaged in the rehabilitation efforts at Matang Wildlife centre. I was able to observe the released, semi-wild orang-utans of Semenggoh Nature reserve and the seven different habitats of Borneo in the remaining Bako National Park, in addition to trekking through the rainforest to meet the Iban tribes – descendants of the Borneo head hunters.

How have you been fundraising and how will you donate the money?
My fundraising is done through a crowd funding account which I will withdraw from and given to the Orangutan Project to help improve the conservation efforts in Borneo, as the Bornean Orangutan is endangered and facing a high risk of extinction in the wild.

What’s been the highlight of your skating trip so far?
As well as combining my passions of skating, the environment and conservation I was encountering difficult circumstances. Having no one but myself to rely on for decision making was challenging, empowering and liberating especially passing through open forests and heathland for miles with no one in sight

Why did you decide to skate, rather than walk it or do some other type of fundraiser?
Skating has always been a big part of my life. I previously competed in inline figure skating competing in four world championships and wanted to now combine my current goals of exploring England and fundraising for the orangutan project with a new area of skating I hasn’t experiences before.

Would you do something like this again?
Yes im looking forward to the next challenge!

Have you had much support from back home?
I’ve had lots of support from back home thanks to the internet I was able to communicate with my family and friends bouncing ideas off them. They were also there to encourage me on when I was in doubt, so I’m very grateful for that.


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