I will be inline skating solo from Hasting in East Sussex, UK to Plymouth in Devon, UK via the south coast of England covering 310miles/563kilomtres. The journey will take place on September 15th with the aim of being achieved in 8 days at a pace of 40mi/64km per day . This goal is set with the optimistic chance of a rain free trip. With the likeliness that there are wet days I will be adjusting the time frame as weather permits.  The goal fundraising amount is $5000.00AUD/£3000.00GBP. To assure all funds raised go directly to the cause(Orangutan Project Sdn Bhd) and not to support the event or myself, I will be couchsurfing along the way staying with generous people of the http://www.couchsurfing.org and http://www.warmshowers.org community and asking for food and equipment donations, or funding myself.

I will be producing a short film after my journey is completed showing ‘on the road’ footage from a Go Pro action camera, my video diaries and follow up trip to Borneo this November. The documentation of my visit to the Orangutan Project in Borneo will serve as an insight on how the money will be used and the film wil be shared on YouTube. I would also like to state that this trip is self funded.

the route

these images show the original route which was Dover to St Austell but due to lack of paths and quantity of dangerous hills the starting and finishing point of the journey has been altered


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